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The Overview Effect and EvolVR In The News!

The Overview Effect and Virtual Reality

EvolVR in the news! This article about the Overview Effect and VR by Tom Wickens with Virtual Reality Pop, is quite excellent and among the options for experiencing the phenomenon, our weekly event is highlighted. Also included is an interview with author Frank White, who coined the term Overview Effect and has attended our events. Check out one of the Overview Effect session we lead twice a week live in AltspaceVR.Check it out and please share!

Excerpt from the article: "EvolVR, who specialise in providing yoga and meditation sessions in VR have also developed a meditation environment in AltSpaceVR that combines the Overview Effect experience with a guided meditation.

Frank White himself has tried one of these sessions and believes that simulating the Overview Effect in this way can only be for the good. He sees the potential in this kind of experience to change people’s perceptions and bring about a different awareness of their own daily lives as well as of global issues."

Read the entire article here:

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