What is Virtual Reality? A realistic simulation or artificial environment using a VR headset.
What is AltSpaceVR? A Virtual Reality Social Media application for yoru VR headset.
What is EvolVR? A spiritual community offering a variety of events for gathering and practicing in VR.

Social Meditation in Virtual Reality

Social Meditation

Meditation can be beneficial alone or with others.
VR is a convenient way to meditate with others. The concept of Social Meditation has a long history and is part of the foundation of the monastic experience. Meditation can be practiced by individuals at any time and we are ultimately meant to be living each moment mindfully, which means meditatively. Meditating with other people can act as an amplifier that can help strengthen our own practice.

How can I meditate with a brick on my head?
We often use the brick as an object of meditation. The VR headset is just another distraction. There is always something that’s not supposed to be going on when we meditate, like a bad back or a bad day or a bad relationship. The practice of meditation teaches us to manage our attention, to help us put it where we want it to be. So a VR headset is just another itch to be noticed.

For the full Social Meditation in VR experience of an EvolVR Meeting or Event in AltspaceVR, the following is required:

Virtual Reality
You'll need a VR headset capable of running AltspaceVR. A very popular choice is the Oculus Quest which has a retail price of $299. Many reviews have said that the Occulus Quest is the best choice for the most flexibility, but most VR headsets will work. If you're not sure, drop us a line info@jasona75.sg-host.com and ask, we'll be happy to advise.

On your VR headset you'll need to install AltspaceVR and setup your account and Avatar. Please visit AltspaceVR for more info and the downloads that you'll need.

Once in AltspaceVR you will click on the large middle Altspace Logo button to bring up your menu. Look for the EvolVR Meditation channel.

To join in 2D without a VR Headset you will need a Windows PC.