Interview with Session Leader Ryan

Can you tell a little about your first VR experience? 

My first impression was when VR was first released years ago on the Vive for gamer computers. There was an underwater simulation of being on a boat with a giant whale swimming by that scared the bejesus out of me… it was mind blowing. Years later I heard VR was on much more affordable and portable headsets with the Oculus and that there was actually a platform for leading live meditations which also blew my mind. Going to a meditation with EvolVR for the first time was amazing!


What makes VR meditation different from traditional meditation? 

It feels quite similar to normal meditation when your eyes are closed and the fact that you can create any world to meet in is crazy! Every Friday I lead a meditation floating in space in front of the earth!


What motivates you to lead sessions with EvolVR?

I love introducing people to the experience of meditation and inspiring/supporting them to go deeper on their own unique spiritual path.


How would you describe the session you lead?

The sessions I lead reflect my own unique accumulation of study and practice that I live by. It involves quieting the mind, healing our past, self inquiry,and settling into the present moment. My main influences have been Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Thich Naht Hanh, Amma, Ramana Maharshi amongst others 🙂


What is your hope for the future of VR meditation?

It would be beautiful to see VR help show people first hand the benefits of meditation. Perhaps many that wouldn’t ordinarily walk in a monastery or such to meditate could more easily find themselves meditating in front of the earth and such as VR offers.


What’s your favourite thing to do in VR, besides meditate or do yoga?

EvolVR has a more private project called “circles” that I have really enjoyed being a part of. You meet a small group of people once a week for 8-12 weeks and explore very deep topics together. In some ways I feel I have gotten to know random people better through the VR circles than I have in real life. As crazy as that sounds 🙂


Does your avatar look like you?

I try to keep my VR avatar as close to my “real” avatar as I can 🙂


Do you have one piece of advice for someone new to meditation?

I have many pieces of advice lol. But a good one to start with is to just sit back and observe your inner world. Observe the thoughts that come and go and give your quality attention to the emotions that present themselves while meditating 🙂


Where can we find more of your work and offerings?

I am very active on all the social media platforms. Easiest way to find it all is on my website.

Anything else?

I am very grateful for the EvolVR community. It is a small microcosm of a beautiful world. Special thanks to Jeremy for making EvolVR a reality 🙂




Find Ryan’s EvolVR sessions in AltspaceVR.



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