Interview with Session Leader Ignazio

Can you tell a little about your first VR experience? 

The first time I put my head set on, and entered not even the VR world but just the setting up of the headset, I was blown away. I knew I was going to enter something that would engage my senses, especially sight, in a way that was fully immersive, but I was not prepared for how amazing it was! Then I entered the “Oculus Home,” which like your 3D immersive Home, a starting point from which to enter other VR worlds through apps, and there I fell in love with VR.


What makes VR meditation different from traditional meditation? 

The state of Deep Meditation, of Pure Being, is not really related to our surroundings. In facts it transcends it.
But the social aspect of coming together to sit, and the sharing of the journey to learn how to practice meditation are a very social aspect. I see mediation in VR as a beautiful way for people to come together, in immersive environments. Connecting people from across the globe in a more intimate way than just video or audio, like zoom and others.


What motivates you to lead sessions with EvolVR?

I initially entered VR to discover and create a community for Spiritual Development, and to meditate together.
Then I found VR, and realised there was something better than I could envision already there. EvolVR.
So I fell in love again, and joined them. Thank you Jeremy!!


How would you describe the session you lead?

I blend various styles in my classes. My main “objective” is to lead participants toward the source of all peace and joy that is found inside, beyond the noise, and in Silence, while discovering together that when the mind stops distorting our vision of the world and ourselves, We are Perfection.


What is your hope for the future of VR meditation?

More community creation, more sharing of knowledge. Just more of the great stuff we already have!


What’s your favourite thing to do in VR, besides meditate or do yoga?

11TT, Table tennis. I absolutely love it!!


Do you have one piece of advice for someone new to meditation?

Practice. That is the most important thing. Find your style, find your teacher, find your passion, find your community, and anything that fuels your practice.  Meditation is like sport in this sense. Thinking about Meditation, reading about it, being interested about it isn’t going to get you far, the same way reading about sport, or watching games on TV isn’t going to get you fit. As Yogani, one of my inspirations and founders of AYP yoga would say “Practices lead to Enlightenment. Experiences don’t.”


Where can we find more of your work and offerings?

You can find out more about me and my work on my website and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I have also posted a few videos and guided meditations on my Youtube channel.

Anything else?

May Love for yourself and all others be the guiding Light for our Life .




Find Ignazio’s EvolVR sessions in AltspaceVR.



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