Ryan Astheimer is a spiritual life coach and has been studying, practicing and teaching the practice of Enlightenment since 2012. His focus is on quieting the busy mind and cultivating a stillness that can be carried throughout day-to-day life. Living in meditation.

George Beecher teaches Buddhism & Meditation and is a certified group facilitator through the original Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. In 2010 he lost 110 pounds after discovering mindful eating and the Buddhist path via the book “Savor”, co-authored by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung.
That introduction ignited a passion for the Dharma which in 2011 led him to found the Two Hands Sangha, create a Mindful Eating and Living Sangha (M.E.A.L.S.) program, lead various online Buddhist groups, and help launch 15 Recovery Dharma meetings and serve that community as it formed and grew to over 500 meetings worldwide!
He has been honored by invitations to teach and facilitate for Recovery group events, Buddhist Sanghas, and lead meditations for yoga groups, public libraries, and others around the USA.
Geoffrey Bonn (GGgeoffrey in AltspaceVR) – teaches the Meditation for Chronic Pain series. Geoffrey has been practicing meditation for 18 years and facing off with disabling joint pain for 10 years. Mobility issues do not apply in virtual reality, and discovering EvolVR gave him an accessible spiritual community for the first time in years. Previously he has sat with various Tibetan and Zen Buddhist groups and lived as a monk for several years. Geoffrey writes on Medium about pain, virtual reality, spirituality and contemporary Buddhism.
Ignazio Dentici founder of humanspiritualevolution.com is an Italian living in London, who was also partially brought up in Chicago. He fell in love with meditation 20 years ago, after a sudden spiritual awakening, and has continued to explore and teach spiritual practices ever since.
Today, after having also worked as a chemical engineer and scientist in water technology, he is a full time meditation teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. Ignazio is incredibly grateful and excited to have found and joined the EvolVR community!
Kristin Gee is trained in Mindful Meditation and enjoys helping others bring mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world.  When Kristin isn’t helping guide others through their own Mindful Meditation she is practicing it in her daily life.

Kim Montenegro has been an ordained minister for over ten years. Her true spiritual passion is guiding people through the birth experience
as a doula and trained Reiki Master.  Live a happier, healthier, more mindful life in just a handful of minutes of meditation with the incredible Kim!

Jeremy Nickel is the CEO and founder of Evolvr.org read his full bio on the About Page

Tom Nickel is a long-time meditator, teacher, and new media producer.
He began Transcendental Meditation in 1975 and has practiced Vipassana meditation for the past ten years. He has a PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and is currently involved in VR development in Cambodia, where he is a Board Member for the Khmer Magic Music Bus. He has also served as a hospice volunteer caregiver for Kaiser Permanente and the Zen Hospice Project and leads end of life training for mental health professionals
Bridie Pearce (aka Flutterby) has been teaching meditation since 2004. She takes a secular approach to meditation focusing on: Energetic Balance, Chakras, Loving Kindness, and Gounding.

Parisa Rose is a writer and meditation teacher who is currently in a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.  She has been practicing meditation and attending retreats for over a decade.  Her approach is gentle and caring and centered around radical acceptance and compassion.  Her practice and teachings draw from many different wisdom traditions, primarily Theravada Buddhism.  It makes her heart sing to help others light their own personal path to peace, freedom and joy.

Daniel Rumel received Zen training under several teachers in Germany, America and Japan.  He also received 10 year contemplation training under Carmelite and Benedictine monks. He has led group meditations for over a decade and follows the West-Eastern path. This is orientated by Western contemplative and Eastern Buddhist practices. Daniel is also educated as a Logo-Therapist and in Jungian psychology, which also enriches his practice.

Haroun Saah has spent the last 12 years studying and practicing Theravada Buddhism & Vipassana Meditation, as well as Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Dzogchen traditions. He believes strongly that the teachings from all Spiritual Traditions point to the same place, and meditation should be an accessible tool & a source of strength for everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. Haroun resides in Brooklyn NY with his cat named Gyoza, works full-time in the music business and has been known to moonlight as a globetrotting DJ on occasion.

San Shin Russell is an American meditation teacher with a passion for technology and neuroscience. A student of Soryu Forall, Shinzen Young and past resident of the Monastic Academy, his teaching is based in the Unified Mindfulness system, Theravada and Zen.