Why Meditate in Virtual Reality?
Meditation can be beneficial alone or with others.  VR is a convenient way to meditate with others.
Social Meditation has a long history and is part of the foundation of the monastic experience.  Meditation can be practiced by individuals at any time.  In fact, we are ultimately meant to be living each moment mindfully, which means meditatively.  Meditating with other people can act as an amplifier that can help strengthen our own practice.
How Can I Meditate with a Brick on My Head?
We often use the breath as an object of meditation.  The VR headset is just another distraction.
There is always something that’s not supposed to be going on when we meditate, like a bad back or a bad day or a bad relationship. The practice of meditation teaches us to manage our attention, to help us put it where we want it to be.  So a VR headset is just another itch to be noticed.