A Quick Review About VR Meditation

I’d like to start off by saying that VR has been a major positive enhancement on my life. It has given me the privilege to expand and improve interactions with people all across the globe and as well as seeing the world from a new perspective. Shortly after getting on-board with VR, I found myself in EvolVR, a splendid spiritual community. EvolVR is the community that introduced me to meditation, and, just like VR, another gift for my life. Not only was I introduced to meditation, but I also found a community where I can stick to. There is something really interesting about meditating with people around the world. VR Meditation and meditating in real life are pretty much the same practice, but the main difference is that in VR Meditation, we are in a digital realm that can build the environment we visualize. This was, and is, a major contribution to me utilizing VR. Mindfulness and meditation can lead to one having a healthier life on a spiritual path, and taking it to VR is taking the experiences above and beyond.

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