VR Meditation And Yoga Classes

Step into virtual reality and relax with Guided meditation and Yoga classes by certified instructors, right from the comfort of you home! I invite you to check out all of our classes and schedule!


I appreciated everyone having their owns mats. The music was great and the instructors voice was articulate and calming!

Erin G, AltspaceVR User

VR yoga was an existential trip into the conscious moment.

Arjun S, AltspaceVR User

It was sooooo relaxing!!!

Ron L, AltspaceVR User

A few minutes of VR bliss.

Kaito L, AltspaceVR User

Very relaxing, I loved it!

Christine J, AltspaceVR User

It made me feel warm and relaxed.

Li X, AltspaceVR User

Pushing the good vibes.

Clare M, AltspaceVR User

I highly recommend this experience!

Sofia W, AltspaceVR User

A very relaxing way to end the day.

Mohammad S, AltspaceVR User

Very relaxing. Haven’t felt so calm in a long time.

Isla T, AltspaceVR User

A lovely welcoming group that made me feel completely at ease

Eliot B, AltspaceVR User

I felt so negative when I arrived, but I was totally peaceful at the end. Thanks!

Kiki M, AltspaceVR User

I felt an overall calmness and found it to be a great experience.

Seo Y, AltspaceVR User

Relax At Home In VR

Our experts will guide you through the meditation process and you will be come a pro!


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