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Calm your mind and have a refreshing VR Meditation session from anywhere in the world!

Our mission is to ensure that a robust not-for-profit space for spiritual exploration and personal growth exists in Virtual Reality. Come join us daily in AltSpaceVR for VR Meditation, VR Yoga, VR Book Club and other small and large VR group gatherings!

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2018: Under the leadership of founder Jeremy Nickel, EvolVR launched and continues to steadily expand on its offerings and vision.

2020: EvolVR led more than 1,500 free public meditation events as well as over 200 private sessions. In total our events were attended by over 40,000 people from three dozen countries.

2021: We recently launched Circles, a program of small groups. We've seen our Patreon membership community grow to levels we never expected. EvolVR now has ten session leaders across a spectrum of meditation modalities, as well as its groundbreaking Death Q&A and Uncertainty conversations.


Jeremy Nickel / CEO

Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel thrives at the intersection of spirituality and technology. A lifelong spiritual adventurer and entrepreneur, after Seminary in Berkeley, CA and jobs in the tech world, Rev. Jeremy served seven years as the Minister of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont, CA. He left in 2017 to launch EvolVR. When un-plugged from his work Jeremy enjoys spending time exploring the great outdoors of his newly adopted state of Colorado with his wife Nicole, a UCC minister, and daughter Eliza.

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